Emma @ No babble delivered on her commitment to make my dissertation all it could be. Wasn't sure what to expect from someone else's reading of 16,000 words on William Blake but I got a proofed, annotated and improved version back in the three days promised. I was worried that the process would undermine my work, but the changes proposed enhanced it wonderfully. A brilliant result, will be using again.
Raziyah Iqbal,

Great Service!

I was in a hurry to get a big report in to work and needed a second pair of eyes on it - fast! The no babble guys didn't disappoint, got the 3000 word report back to me later the same day with several significant improvements. Impressed by the technology knowledge as well, which caught a calculation that contained an error. No reservation in recommending their service.
Norman Stansbury,

Made my Essay even better

I was apprehensive about having my essay proofread, but I need not have worried. I talked it over with them over email then asked for an academic review, which resulted in a thoughtful set of comments as well as some grammatical elements Word had missed. References checked for accuracy as well as suggestions for a couple of questions I had raised in my word, but not answered as fully as it was felt I could. I'll never know what mark I would have got with my original version, but I know I got a good one with the assistance of nobabble. Would recommend to anyone.
John Daniels, Manager


I sent in the first chapter of my novel to get a free sample, and the result was fantastic. I then commissioned a full proofread of the novel and was delighted with the changes suggested. Enough to make the book read much more nicely, but not so much that it stopped being mine. Work choice, variation, punctuation and some inconsistencies in style were all improved, as well as the layout on the page. Also impressed to find the cost was lower than some of the others I approached, but with results like this it would have been excellent at twice the price!
Karen Jenkins, Consultant