Your document will be edited by a native English speaker possessing relevant academic qualifications and experience pertaining to the subject matter. Our team includes published authors, editors, teachers, business leaders and academics specialising in the review of complex documents.

We are experienced in the review of CVs, business proposals, technical designs, academic papers, novels, applications, code and music notation.

We certainly do! Simply attach your document to a message from our contact page and we will proofread the first 300 words completely free for your evaluation of our service. We know you will be impressed.

Well, that depends on the length of the document and the level of proof reading you require. We offer a 'same day' service on 300-word samples, as well as on standard proof reading of essays of 3000-words. The time taken increases with length and complexity, but  include your requirements in your covering order message, or contact us to discuss your requirements. We will ALWAYS keep our promises to you.

Our prices are fully transparent, competitive and reasonable - to takes time to professionally proof a document, and that time increases with the length of the document and the level of sophistication required. You can use our cost calculator to get a quote, and the cost is based on precise word count when you upload your document for proofing.

This is where we stand apart from the competition - instead of rounding up to the next 1000 words, we only charge you for the precise number of words in your document. We will ALWAYS be competitive on cost.

Simple. You upload your document and are given a precise cost. Once you have registered with our site and completed checkout, including any special requests or notes, you will be kept up to date over email. When the process is complete you will be emailed a link to download your document.

Your document will be carefully edited to improve style, structure, and clarity. Obviously all proofreading services include the correction of any issues with grammar, spelling, punctuation and typography .

We use Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature to enable you to see what we have changed, and the reason why. You can then work through the reviewed version, accepting or rejecting each suggested change.

Simple. Your document will be returned to you with annotations throughout, and you have two basic options - 'approving all' will accept all changes we have made, working through the document reviewing all the changes we made will give you more control. Simply right click each and accept or reject based on your preference.

Absolutely. Our site is SSL encrypted, meaning all transactions including payments and document uploads are secure. Data is held exclusively in UK data centres and transmitted to our team over SSL/TLS.

Our team includes personnel who are both DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly known as CRB) and those possessing Government security clearance. All are highly professional and discrete. We trade entirely on our reputation - everything is confidential.

Non-Disclosure Agreements - our standing pledge to you, as a customer, is that we will discuss your written material with no one other than you, via a specific email address you provide during registration. We store all material for 30-days after return to you, at which point it is automatically deleted from our servers. We only retain the data that long for your convenience, it can be deleted immediately at your request.

We are experienced and trusted, our word is our bond. Of course, should you have an NDA of your own, or requirements over and above our standard operating procedure, we will be very happy to comply with them.

The integrity of your written work is paramount, and we will not change the core content of the document. We will refine your document to ensure your ideas are delivered eloquently and with clarity.

Here at NoBabble we offer standard proofreading services - namely fine-tuning of structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation. We also offer stylistic improvement to ensure your writing is the very best it can be.

We also offer an enhanced service aimed at the technical, academic and business arenas where we leverage the considerable experience of our team to add intelligence to the proofreading process. We are able to:

  • Check a proposal makes sense
  • Add risks that are evident within a proposal
  • Ensure references are correctly formatted and relevant
  • Check an academic work 'answers the question'
  • Check a technology solution meets the stated objective of the document

And a great deal more.

Referencing - Our editors are experienced in the APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, OSCOLA and MHRA referencing conventions. We will ensure your references are appropriately formatted.

Plagiarism - We cannot check your document for plagiarism, but we will ensure that quotations and references are appropriately  captured, and footnotes properly formatted.

Most universities allow and even encourage students to use editing and proofreading services to ensure their written work is of the best possible standard. Since we do not write documents for you, working only with your ideas, you can be assured of the integrity of the finished piece.