About Us

Who We Are

NoBabble are professional proofreaders

We specialise in making your writing the best it can be. Whether a novel, technical design, business proposal, academic essay or thesis, our team can give your document a boost!

Experienced, qualified, proven and trusted by our customers, we are proud of our work and delighted by the positive feedback and repeat customers that reward us. We consistently deliver high-quality results that present your ideas in a clear, coherent and consistent manner. Structure, grammar, spelling and word choice optimised for maximum impact.

Our History

2009 - Lancaster University validates our understanding of Literature and intellectual stimulation evident in our presentations.

2011 - London College of Music accreditation formalises theory and notation editing.

2013 - Technical document production, review and governance becomes a specialism. Backed by vendor certification from Microsoft, Sun, Novell, Rackspace, Google, Amazon AWS and The Open Group. Technical designs reviewed by our team that go on to underpin the technology strategy of UK FTSE100 companies, Central Government and utilities.

2015 - Academic document proofreading begins with the informal, building over time to offer a defined service for academic essays and dissertations. Specialising in critical thinking and the arts, BSc material also now processed.

2016 - NoBabble begins, offering proof reading services via the Internet to technologists, academics, business people, scholars, authors, bloggers, job seekers and you!


NoBabble need top quality proofreaders

Committed to sustainable growth, we are on the look out for qualified people to build our team. Native English speakers required, with preference shown for those who:


  • Possess an honours degree, or similar qualification
  • Have significant professional experience
  • Can demonstrate an understanding of technology
  • Understand academic referencing
  • Want a flexible and rewarding working environment
  • Enjoy collaborative working practices


If this sounds like you and you'd like to learn more about becoming part of our family, please get in touch via the contacts page.